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Early screenshot

The vision for Freeblox is to make a game platform similar to the more basic aspects of Roblox. This platform includes:

  • A web-based 3D game editor with basic features for making simple games using predefined shapes, objects and materials. This editor should include accessibility features to make it as easy as possible to make a game.
  • A web platform for aggregating user created games, assets and characters. Character customization can be done by changing colors and clothing textures.
  • The ability for game developers to host their own game servers and announce them to the central platform. Game developers will get a token they can use to announce their game server connection details, statistics and verify the authenticity of connecting players. There might be a possibility to proxy user connections to prevent IP leaks, but a warning will be shown nonetheless when connecting to unofficial servers.
  • A web-based 3D game player which can join servers and play user-created games with other users. Joining games must be as seamless as possible to the player.
  • The players can rate, comment on and report games.
  • The game should include scripting features to allow the developer to make custom game logic.